In order to rent a luxury car from us you need to provide us with:
- A valid credit card at your name or another person that will be present at delivery of the car.
- A valid passport/ID of the cardholder
- A valid driving license with at least 24 months of driving experience. Driver’s licenses printed in non-Roman
alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be accompanied by an international driver’s license or a notarized
english translation.

We accept payment with bank transfer or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS).
Yes, the website is listing the most common locations, but you can rent the car anywhere else in Europe.
Please contact our reservations managers by emailing your requirements on and we will process it manually.
Our business model is not structured with phisical offices but we offer a 24 hour customer service operation and a “meet and greet” service at airports as well as hotels or any address of your choice. Our rates always include delivery and collection to any address of your choice within the given locations (50 km radius).
For company policy and for security reasons we do not have public front desks or showrooms. For flexibility reasons, our logistic is organised with drivers and representatives taking care of delivery and collection processes. As our fleet is deployed in different car storages among major european cities, we have perfected our business in the most efficient and dynamic way.
The value of luxury cars is highly affected by the mileage, this means that on such cars the km allowance has to be limited. As a standard 200 km/day are included in the daily rate and can be cumulated. If you need more driving distance contact our staff and we will offer you "discounted km packages" to accomodate your needs.
Apart for the car quality itself, our services are tailored for high-end customers. We provide a Meet&Greet service in any location, road assistance
during the rental, and maximum flexibility on pick up and drop off locations. A designated person will be in touch
with the client for any issue during the rental or any change required. We are 24/7 operative to deliver and collect cars
as long as this is arranged in advance. We guarantee exact car models and when possible even colors interior/exterior
(unless in force majeure cases where we strive to offer free upgrades or any suitable solution for our valuable clients).
Our cars are all top equipped, leather seats and multilingual GPS are always included.
Sure, a confirmation with all relevant details will be sent to you by email.

NOTE: Submitting your booking on the system will not automatically confirm the booking nor generate any payment. Within 24 hours from your submission you will receive a confirmation by email and only at that moment a payment will be processed.
Yes, you can cancel your rental if you choose to. Our cancellation policy is as follows: If the booking is cancelled not later than 7 days before the rental date, we refund the full rental amount. If the booking is cancelled less than 7 days but more than 48 hours before the delivery date, the cancellation fee equals 50% of the rental amount. When cancelling with less than 48 hours notice the full rental amount will be charged.
No problem! Contact our staff on +41 335 333 533 or and inform us about your new requirements.
Cars are insured totally but the security deposit with any luxury car is there for self damage. You will not be responsible for any damage caused by a third party if this is proven and documented with an accident report. We require the accident report in order to issue our claims to the third party insurance. If you damage the car on your own, let's say you break a wing mirror then we would keep just the actual cost to have this fixed in one of our trusted workshops, and release the rest of the security deposit.
In case of total damage, you will be only responsible up to the security deposit amount, as the rest is covered by the
insurance. This type of insurance is called "full kasko insurance with deductible", which equals the security deposit of the client's responsibility. This is standard for any luxury car rental company in Europe.
The deposits range from 1'500€ 20'000€ depending on the vehicle rented. Rest assured, this is refunded in full once the vehicle has been returned and checked by yourself along with our staff member. If there are any extra costs involved, this will be marked on the rental agreement and we will provide you with all required documentation before this will be billed from your deposit. The balance is then refunded back onto your credit card.
We offer rental for a minimum of 48 hours period. Single day or hourly rental are not possible.
A day of rental is considered as 24 hours, this means that if you rent a car from 10 a.m. on first day, you will have to return it back at the same day the following day. A tolerance of 2 hours is accepted, after that  an extra day will be counted.